Disagree? Racist!

Offended by this image? Racist! Kafirphobe! Murtadphobe! Imperialist! Fascist!

I am not afraid of men who hide behind God The Father and the Race Card to justify their subhumanity. Muslims/Islamofascists are not the exception.
Male-created ideologies political systems and systems of ethics must be completely destroyed – whether religious or secular. Islam is not the exception.
Mohammedans, Western apologists for Islamofascism, and especially female Mohammedans… May Tiamat sever your spines and gut you. May Neith’s arrows puncture all of your vital organs. May Kali Ma add your hollowed out skulls to her collection. Smash sumbmission, capitulation, dhimmitude and the scourges of liberalism and cultural relativsim. Amen.

Everyone else: I have a lot of information to share about this dangerous cult, its adherents, the parts of the world infested with it and how we can fight back against it. Stay tuned.

“Islamophobia” is a bully word invented and popularized by the Islamofascist organization Muslim Brotherhood in order to silence criticism of Islam. They started using this tactic in the 1980s. We should take it about as seriuosly as we take the concept of “Transphobia”.


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